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A Thesis Presentation approaches. What do you do?

I fear it may be time for a new battery or a new camera.  It only held its charge for two days.  We’ll see if it works better when I don’t accidentally turn it on all the time by stuffing it in an enormous overfull backpack.

In other news, the Channel 8 video is now on MSNBC, too!  I’ve gotten one email from a person who saw that, and a couple teachers commenting on it.  Very nice!  And just in time for my thesis presentation, too, which —

—by the way, folks.  I present all this to a board of senior faculty at 9:30 am Friday.  Then a reporter from CCN, the official Chinese news network, is coming to do a 90-second short on it. I am freaking RIGHT the fuck out.

I still need to get a bunch of stuff printed and painted, finish the instruction book, and do my laundry, because I’ve run out of clean underwear.

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