Bootstrap Homes

Attempting to defy Vimes's theory of boots

I went to check on the Boot that’s out there already, today.  It honestly doesn’t look too out of place in that neighborhood.  There’s lots of beautiful old homes and huge wild gardens, and it looks like most of the occupants are college age and a bit messy and do-it-yourselfer.  There were several wild sculptures out on people’s lawns.

I do wish I’d run across the recipe for moss graffiti before I sent the Boot out.  It’ll take a while to accumulate a covering on its own.  The panniers are sprouting amazingly, though!  You can see and recognize peas, lettuce, and spinach, and I think some of that might be radishes and parsley, too, but I’m not sure which little cotyledons those are.

Look for a spot on the Boots tomorrow on KOIN Channel 6!

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