Bootstrap Homes

Attempting to defy Vimes's theory of boots

Here is how you make a Boot!  First you collect your materials.

Your materials can be found at various home improvement stores and hardware stores in your city, and sometimes on the internet.  I got the big wheels from an online garden cart store, the casters from Northern Tek Supplies’ online catalog, and the Plas-Tex sheeting from the bathroom veneer section of Home Depot.  48’ 3/4 steel rod is a pain to find, so if you can find wheels with 5/8 axles, go for it and get 5/8 rod instead.  The current Boots out there are using steel pipe with bolts screwed into the ends for reinforcement, which is a clunky way to go about it.

More will follow at intervals throughout the day.  This has only had one editing pass, so if anything is unclear, PLEASE PLEASE send me an ask and let me know about it! 

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