Bootstrap Homes

Attempting to defy Vimes's theory of boots

Who’da thunk?

Breaking news: giving people control over their lives has better results than taking care of it for them.
 This is part of my project goal, though perhaps not one I’ve stated explicitly.  I refuse to police the people in my wagons.  My requests are ‘Don’t ruin it for everybody else’ and ‘Pass it on when you’re done with it.’  If someone in a Boot is a problem, someone can call the police on them - they’re pretty distinctive, it’s not like one will be mistaken for another or as hard to describe as a car.  If a Boot is abandoned, people can call me, and I’ll pick it up, repair it, switch the locks, and pass it along.
I can point people at services.  I will never make going to those services part of the ‘deal’ for keeping the Boot.  It is given without strings.  It is THEIRS.

This also cuts out a LOT of overhead, bureaucracy, and effort.  I don’t have to keep track of these people and hound them for payment, haul them into meetings against their will, or do anything but teach them how to use the tools they need when they show up to help.  Everyone saves!

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    Shit, look, it’s almost as if BASIC COMMON SENSE has a place in the world after all! I love this project so damn much.
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