Bootstrap Homes

Attempting to defy Vimes's theory of boots

The two Boots that Sunnyside School raised money for can begin at any point.  I could use some help getting building materials from Home Depot to Sunnyside playground.  However!

I have some pretty hard news to share: I don’t think Bootstrap Homes is helping people enough or in the right ways.  I still believe that community-sponsored, beautiful shelter can be a part of the solution to homelessness.  I’m going to keep working on the design of the Bootstraps, to make them lighter and cheaper.  However, I am not going to supervise the building of any Boots after the two that Sunnyside school raised money for.  

If the students choose, the money raised at the fundraiser can go to projects that I feel do more good than the Bootstrap Project: EDAR, Transition Projects, Dignity Village, or 100KHomes.

The design will be freely available for modification and construction.  I will continue to maintain this tumblr for the project.  I will not be gathering funds for the construction of more, unless I come up with a design and business model that I think fixes the flaws that I’m seeing now.

The main ones are the impossibility of staying in touch with occupants to get feedback or maintain the Boots, and their weight, expense, and lack of maneuverability.  I am certainly interested in suggestions.

Thank you all very much for your help and interest.

-Sarah Cloutier

My apologies

My apologies for the recent lack of posts. The two Boots at Sunnyside finished up well. They are now occupied and the kids raised enough money to build two more with all the trimmings. I am taking a well-earned vacation near Hermann, Missouri, where there is no internet unless I climb to the top of this hill to commune with the ticks. The hike itself is lovely, but the ticks have no concept of personal space!

Today’s Schedule

11:15  I have sunscreen.
11:17  I have forgotten all about my sunscreen.
4:13  I regret that. 

The two Boots at Sunnyside are coming together quite nicely.  Since we decided to build a mini storage Boot as well, Jan’s son had to run out and get more materials, and some of the kids didn’t get to work as much as they wanted today.  I’ll be going back there this evening, most likely, to work alone for a while.  Right now, though, I’m sitting back with a glass of milk and the last of my chocolate, and seriously considering a nap.

I also went back to Sunnyside Environmental School to see the model Boots they’d made.

THOSE KIDS.  ARE AWESOME.  My mind is blown by the variety and skill displayed!  Do you see that water catchment system?  All the little beds, and the screen door, and the movie posters?  And everything from hippie-punk shag-carpeted tigerstriped models to drag queen bows and flowers, mean green flying machines and girls romping with dinosaurs.

We’re making the elephant and one as-yet-to-be-decided model. 

Yesterday I turned in the final archival copy of my thesis paper.  68 pages.

Yesterday I turned in the final archival copy of my thesis paper.  68 pages.

dodyroller asked: thought you should know that the cute little trailer on our street (SE 26th) has a tow warning on it. It is parked right down the street from us and we love it. We don't want it to get towed.

Thank you so much!  Taking care of it now.

Edit:  Partially taken care of!  The Boot has been moved to a new location, and given permission (from the apartment renters, at least) to park there.  I still need to call people, though, because the ordinance they cited didn’t apply at all!

Again, thanks so much!  You’re wonderful.