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Re:Boot! The Stupid Unicorn Boot and other Tales



Last night, Rah hit her biggest wall of frustration with the missing drill-bit. Today, I hit mine when we learned that the Boot must be colored in a bright and merry way, and therefore a clear design for the painting job must be made. I had misunderstood the conversation unfolding in front of me between Deberah and Rah as an official approval of the goldfish design she had whipped up during our plane ride over. image

 What had actually happened was Rah showing that she’d had some ideas in mind, and Deberah telling Rah what kind of color scheme we could expect the boot to be living in during the convention.  And so the task of designing what would go on the Boot had been left in my capable hands.


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Re:Boot! Hashtags and convention details


Deberah stopped in with Carolyn, and had some important announcements which will be important to keep in mind as we’re working.

The booth space will be pretty small, but the Boot should fit nicely enough. We’ll have people tomorrow to help us paint the boot (and we’ve been told the painting part is mandatory, as one of the things which caught their attention most about the project was the bright colors) 

Rah saw this part coming, and has a lovely simple koi fish design ready. All we will need are the paints and the extra sets of hands. Deberah informs us that there will be extra help after Graduation tomorrow, so we’re looking forward to that.

My twitter feed will start having a lot of different hashtags to automatically retweet to the right places and people. I’m hoping I figure out how to do that right.

And, it appears that our dormspace as well as our studio space will be shared by the group which will be coming in sometime this evening. We’re progressing rather well, and with luck we will be in very good shape by the end of the day. Signing off to go see if I can be useful now.

Re:Boot Live from the Studio!


The studio has internet access! I can do these blogs live while staying out of Rah’s way + being close at hand when she needs someone to hold something steady. Noise canceling headsets are the greatest invention ever. While she drills I am going to go back to my prior posts and and put up pictures from the safety of my make-shift office nook.  Let no-one say I don’t know how to make myself comfortable.image

These posts will probably be interrupted frequently. She needs the extra set of hands.

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Re:Boot! Up and at ‘em.

10:58am, May 14, 2013

I was awake long before I was willing to get out of bed, and while I pretended I was asleep I listened to Rah dutifully eat breakfast…go play bejeweled…put clothes on…stop halfway through and sit back down at her desk…play bejeweled…lie down for a bit…get back up and go wash out the chef Boyardee bowl she re-purposed as a cereal bowl…sit down at her desk…sit down on the bed again….“Graham?”

I opened my eyes this morning to see Rah sitting on the bed opposite mine, putting her socks on and looking very sad. “I know this puts a wrench in the plans I made last night, but will you help me?”

Of course I will. “New York can be a very friendly place, lovey.”

“I knoooow. May I have company?”

Of course she can.

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Re:Boot! …WELP


We finally met Deberah, the master coordinator behind our presence in New York! After a cheerful talk, she went home like a sensible human being and we turned once again to the task at hand. Alas, the mistakes of the frustrated and fatigued which we had hoped to shake off during break arrived shortly after we resumed work, with reinforcements. We had not eaten, which I will count as the first error. About thirty minutes in, we encountered our first real setback: the shiny new drill we were lent had every drill bit imaginable…except the screwdriver head. Without this, putting the screws into the frame would be impossible.

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Re:Boot! The Warehouse Labyrinth

6:48 pm

On account of our abbreviated timetable, we are not ending our work-day here. We are taking a well-earned break and going back to finish the base. I am blowing bubbles and waiting for my tea to steep. Rah is playing bejeweled. Soap-bubbles are sheer poetry and a balm on the scuffed up edges of my thoughts.

We have successfully collected all but four items on our materials list: one more 2 inch circular vent, a tupperware bowl-sink, and the bike hitch and picture frames, which both of us keep forgetting. The rest of it is in our workspace, within easy reach.

The Coroplast sheets were fun to find: we headed up to Emerson place, and found ourselves in a warehouse labyrinth.

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Re:Boot! Steel Nipples, Strippers, and Flashing…

3:03 pm

We have completed the Hardware store run. Rah and I are not mature adults and so the labeling system of the aisles kept us very entertained. Our ride and coordinator Carolyn met us there, waited very patiently for us to finish shopping, and navigated us smoothly out of the parking lot and through the packed streets of New York in her station wagon. Rah and I took advantage of our small statures and rode shotgun together while Carolyn told us a little bit about the history of the neighborhood we were traveling in.

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Re:Boot! One does not simply Walk through the Hardware store…

 7:24 AM, May 13 2013.

I’m rather groggy this morning, and so I type to wake up as I wait for my morning tea. Rah has already been at the sugar cubes I see. It’s like watching a very sensible hummingbird who knows how to fold laundry. Last night I got Rah to write up what she intends to get done today. I will post it now for my own personal amusement later, when I write up what actually got done.

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Re:Boot! Live from NY

3:36 AM, May 12 2013.

The clock on my cellphone says 3:56, New York time. My poor laptop says it’s 12:57 am back in Portland, and so does my body. I’m sitting in front of an open word document, watching Rah play Bejeweled, and asking her what voice I should use this week while blogging about the bootstrap workshop we’re about to run. She tells me she’s been using a demi-semi-hemi formal voice. Demi-semi-hemi formal it is. Hello there, my name’s KG Schmidt and I will be your hapless blogger for the next eight or so days. If you are so inclined, I am also keeping minutes in real-time on my twitter account @Aetherbocks as the project unfolds. This is day one.  

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You don’t get to see the fancy cover, only the fancy back page.

You don’t get to see the fancy cover, only the fancy back page.