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Re:Boot! FISH!

1:14 am, May 16, 2013

Exhausted. Everything left to do is after we sleep. I’mma let the pictures do the rest of the talking. 

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Re:Boot - Happy Accidents


So I was helping Rah touch up painting the Fish’s butt and mouth, when I suddenly…image


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We could not, for love or money, find ourselves a bike hitch that fit our specifications in the four days we looked. So Rah went and made one here in the shop!

It’s basically a square metal rod with two carriage bolts on one end and two wire ring anchor points on the other. It’ll do!  Back to painting orange scales on the back of the fishboot.

Re:Boot! And somma this


Four days into the project, and Rah and I are both officially broke. But that is a tale for later. On the bright side, we have everything we need, and all we have to do left is paint this beast.  Group dinner will happen tomorrow, but some amazing soul ordered pizza in for everyone who has returned to the studio to finish their projects for ICFF, so Rah and I could recharge just a little.

We managed to find some wooden dowels which will work for the axle, and a square metal rod which can be fashioned into the bike hitch.  I’ve chosen to conserve our camera’s remaining batteries and wait until it’s completed to show off its paint-job. It is a delightful splash of canary yellow, cherry red, a darker red, and soon it will have orange, gray, turquoise, and finish with black, gold, and copper detailing.

More later.

Re:Boot - Bit of this and that


Back from materials run (a very successful one, as the art store down the block is closing and we scored 14$ worth of stuff for only 6$) and Rah has been fed. She’s now busy taping up the boot while we wait.

Paint run hasn’t happened yet, but Deb should be back in about 20 minutes. We don’t know if the axel arrived yet, but Carolyn knows some people to call.  No luck on the bike hitch or water jugs just yet. 

Rah projects that we’ll break again at 4pm or so, and again for dinner at 6. And then back to the studios by about 7pm for as long as it takes to finish the job.  

Re:Boot! - Fresh Fish is Back on the Menu!


Our amendments to the projected plan for today are as follows:

1) Rah’s camera is just about out of batteries and I don’t know how long it will last. I’m tinkering with Rah’s phone and hoping I can borrow a camera from someone else if I can’t get it to work.. Ah, okay. This will work. It’s clunky but it will work.

2) Debera is adamant about the fish design for the boot. She did not like the design I made up for it yesterday at all: too serious. (Sleep and chocolate have returned my sense of humor to me once more and I am at this point enjoying the conversation happening before me.) As I’d sort of suspected, it was the color -and- whimsy of the Stupid Unicorn Boot’s Blue Handprint Boot’s paint job that had grabbed Deb the most about Rah’s thesis Boots.image

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Re:Boot - RESULT!

12:28, May 15, 2013


Rah made a thing and it is beautiful. She’ll finish with the roofing screws on the outside, we’ll pull up the tape, and then we’re going home for the night.

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Re:Boot! Coming together


I went to Luigi’s pizza place across the street for Pizza: Carolyn had recommended it, and it would take less time and energy than cooking. When I came back, Rah had made a thing! And it was looking more and more like a thing!image

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Rah's Sketchblog: Re:boot! Smooth Sailing.



Rah continued to work as I went to recombobulate. When I came back, the Boot had become remarkably Boot-shaped:

Rah’s in very good spirits. The drilling and screwing and caulking has been falling together fast. image

These parts were put together as I wrote up the last post. Here’s…