Bootstrap Homes

Attempting to defy Vimes's theory of boots

Re:Boot! - They grow up so fast.



The Boot is officially finished and ready for its debut. Lots of pictures taken of the final product and the functionality of its interior stove and sink below the cut.

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PNCA :: Untitled Magazine

10:10 am

Brief Update before heading out again. Bootstrap homes is live on our school blog, Untitled…

…And we’re not going to starve. (furthermore, we’re probably not going to have to live out of a Boot ourselves when we get home!) THANK YOU RAH’S PARENTS. <3

Re:Boot - Well-slept at Last

May 17, 8:53 am

Yesterday, I kept minutes on twitter, but I was not able to blog. We were very busy setting up, or we were very busy…sleeping. We got back home around 7pm New York time, showered, crashed, woke up at like, five in the morning, crashed some more. This morning, we feel a little more like human beings again.  

In lieu of being able to write about it, I took some pictures of yesterday! 

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Re:Boot! - From the Desk of the Shambling Undead

May 16, 2013. 8:53am

Rah is made of sterner stuff than I. We crawled into bed at about 3:30, and about 30 minutes ago she hauled herself back out of it and back down to the studio. She asked me if I was coming with, and I would have gone but sleep paralysis hung on for another thirty minutes. I only just now got my body to move again. Food tea and studio, and when I’m there I can post the image of where we left off last night. 

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Yes we bed happens but this had to Uh image

Axels arranged. Everything which is not on the fish already goes on later today.  Rah is pumping tires. Why is Rah pumping tires. I can no longer take pictures because the entire world is out of batteries. Rah. Raaaah. As your official sanity buddy I insist that we rotate ourselves into a landscape format. Rah? Rah? 

Oh thank god. Good luck Anna. You are a gem and a miracle worker. I hope your homeless wall goes up well.

Re:Boot! FISH!

1:14 am, May 16, 2013

Exhausted. Everything left to do is after we sleep. I’mma let the pictures do the rest of the talking. 

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Re:Boot - Happy Accidents


So I was helping Rah touch up painting the Fish’s butt and mouth, when I suddenly…image


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We could not, for love or money, find ourselves a bike hitch that fit our specifications in the four days we looked. So Rah went and made one here in the shop!

It’s basically a square metal rod with two carriage bolts on one end and two wire ring anchor points on the other. It’ll do!  Back to painting orange scales on the back of the fishboot.

Re:Boot! And somma this


Four days into the project, and Rah and I are both officially broke. But that is a tale for later. On the bright side, we have everything we need, and all we have to do left is paint this beast.  Group dinner will happen tomorrow, but some amazing soul ordered pizza in for everyone who has returned to the studio to finish their projects for ICFF, so Rah and I could recharge just a little.

We managed to find some wooden dowels which will work for the axle, and a square metal rod which can be fashioned into the bike hitch.  I’ve chosen to conserve our camera’s remaining batteries and wait until it’s completed to show off its paint-job. It is a delightful splash of canary yellow, cherry red, a darker red, and soon it will have orange, gray, turquoise, and finish with black, gold, and copper detailing.

More later.